Do You Need a CFO?

Where do you see your business in 10 years? A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) can give you the financial advisement you need to make the best decisions for your business. When companies reach a point where they need senior financial expertise, that’s when CFO Team steps in. We know how to foster and develop relationships with investors, bankers and auditors. CFO Team offers the strategic direction necessary to guide your team and your business to financial success.

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is needed:

  • During Product Development
  • When Top Line Revenue has Increased Quickly
  • When Taking a Brand Public
  • When Capitol is Exhausted and a Growth Strategy is Needed
  • If There is an Unexplained Trend in Sales
  • If you are looking to grow your business through Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Start Growing Today!

    How CFO Team Can Help

    Financial Management
    What are the numbers telling you? Do you need to raise additional capital? Where do you see your business in 10 years? Who should you hire to make that happen?

    Cash Flow Management
    Cash flow is the life blood of companies. All entrepreneurs have found themselves short of cash more than once in their career. When we talk to owners and presidents and ask what keeps them awake at night - the over whelming response is cash flow. At CFO Team we will work with your management team to develop a cash flow strategy by developing and implementing a daily cash flash report, a 13 week rolling cash flow report, current and projected Statement of Changes in Cash statements, and a working capital plan.

    Mergers and Acquisitions
    There are many avenues to growth. One of the quickest growth strategies is to merge or acquire another company or competitor. Learn More

    Loan Packages
    Presentation is everything. Tailoring your financing package to its audience is critical to raising the capital that you need. We will work with you to assess your company’s debt requirement needs, help in selection of the institution to supply the loan, negotiate the terms of the loan, develop a custom tailored financial package and will present the package to the selected institutions.

    Budget Projections and Forecasting
    CFO Team can help you develop a rolling five year strategic budget and financial projections.

    Manage Banking Relations
    Banks and lending institutions have very specific financial criteria that they are looking for. At CFO Team we have years of experience working with various financial institutions. We will work with you to develop a financial package and presentation for the specific financial institutions and investors we have targeted for your business.

    Develop Working Capital Plans
    Critical to a company’s growth strategy is sufficient capital to fund the growth. CFO Team can develop a capital formation strategy that can involve institutional investment, private placements or strategic investments. We work with the venture capital community, investment bankers, angel investors and strategic partners to find the right investment vehicle to execute on your financing strategy.

    Turnarounds and Reconstructing
    CFO Team specializes in turning around distressed businesses. We have the leadership and expertise needed to navigate your company to financial success.

    Succession Planning and Exit Strategy
    Are you considering selling your company? There's a lot that goes into an exit strategy. Did you know it takes 3 to 5 years to maximize the value of your sale. As a business owner, you need the right leadership on your side to guide you through this complex process. Learn More

    Are You Ready?

    Your company's growth depends on it!